Monday, 16 September 2013

The Royal Agricultural Show Day

This year we decided to embrace our country lifestyle by entering some items into the show.

Hans had NEVER gardened until we moved to York. His veges have been fantastic,  so he decided to enter 2 categories. The Beetroot and the Cabbage.  The Beetroot is an heirloom variety from The Diiggers Club called Chioggia Beetroot. They look amazing with their large bountiful leaves and stems.

We also entered photographs into four classes; A set of three photo's to tell a story, An overseas scene, A flower photograph and a child at play.

Imagine our excitement to find Hans won first with his Beetroot and second with his Cabbage.  He also won first for his overseas scene and a third for his flower photo.

I also took out a first with the three photo's that tell a story. The photo's were of our gorgeous Grandson trying his first mulberry. I love these photo's of him. The fact he is so photogenic certainly helps!

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