Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Eeeek living in the Country is beautiful, but I'm not sure about the size of the spiders!  The bottoms of the tubing to the ballustrade is open and their are spiders living in them.  I think its time for some action!


We have been with out the internet and home phone since moving in.  We are having to use our mobile phones to access the net.  In their wisdom, the people who built the house dug a trench and ran the power but didn't think about phone cables.  Our drive is 80 metres long of hard gravel!  It took a few days to arrange a man with a trench digger.  When he eventually turned up, one hour into the work and his machine broke down!  It has sat here for 4 days!

At last he came back, fixed the machine and proceeded to finish digging the trench. But, yet another hiccup.  He couldn't find the main Telstra line to tap into.  The top of our drive looks like animals are burrowing where he has dug holes to try to find the lead line.  Yet again work comes to a halt.  Two more days before the Telstra man comes to try to sort it out.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Water Tank

We have been in the house for a week and are slowly getting settled.  We have had our first rain which is beautiful, but the small rain water tank under the house is already overflowing.  A plumber was here doing a small job and we mentioned we would like to buy another tank.  Within 2 hours, the tank was delivered and installed!!  Amazing.  You can't get things done that quickly in the city.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Almost there;

Almost sunset and at last the panels are just about together;

Still building the shed!

Well its quite a few hours later and they are still trying to put together this shed.  My daughter pointed out the packaging and we had a really good chuckle

Starting to move;

We have taken possession prior to settlement.  On the weekend we started to take some of our things up to the house.  In our current house we have a six car garage, but at the new house there is no garage or shed.  After calling the city council, the largest shed you can put up without approval is 3 x 3.  So for now this will have to do until we can build a big one.
My husband (Hans) likes to pay to get things done, but we've set a new rule, to try to do things ourselves.
We brought a flat pack shed from Bunnings.  Wow, when we opened it there were so many screws and bits and pieces.
Paul my step son came to help us. Thank goodness he is in to puzzles so this should be a piece of cake for him.

We've done it!!

Sold our big house in the city and decided to move to the country.  We are moving to a beautiful town called York.  It is a very historic town, the first inland town of WA. We have 5 children between us and two grandchildren and they are not happy.  When we looked to move, we decided we could not be further than an hour and half from the kids. But as far as they are concerned we might as well be at the other side of the world!