Friday, 2 September 2011

Modern technology?

It has taken five weeks to try to arrange the internet and telephone!  Ridiculous.  I know that we are in the Country, but really??

At last it was all sorted, connected and apparently ready to go.  Until we tried to connect.  It appears York doesn't have the facility for ADSL 2 only ADSL 1.

It is as bad as dial up.  We can't download and browse the web at the same time as it is so incredibly slow.


Since moving in and a little bit of rain, the weeds have taken over.  I'm sure that if we don't get a grip they are going to creep in and strangle us in our sleep.  I ventured in and sprayed, but without much effect.  It calls for serious action.  Hans went out and purchased a Stihl Whipper Snipper.  He is like a man possessed.