Friday, 14 June 2013

Luchious Red Pomegranates

When I was a child my Grandparents brought me back a Pomegranate from Spain, it was the most incredible fruit I had ever seen.  I sat outside covered in a cloth and using a needle, picked out and ate the luscious red juicy seeds.
Our Pomegranate bush was one of the first plants we put in.  It is now just two years old.  Last year we had a crop of just two, which the Parrots attacked and devoured.  This year we covered it with a net and have had a crop of 14.
I picked one early on when the skin was red and the Pomegranate looked a good size, but it was bitter and to tart to eat.
After research we found they should be left to ripen on the bush.  Once they start to crack open they are ripe and ready to eat.
Today I picked them all.  What a mission to take off the net as the bush has super sharp spikes.
I set about removing the lovely red pips. I split the Pomegranate open and under water started to remove the pith and pour out the seeds.  The pith floats to the top of the water so you can skim it off.
You are then left with just the seeds.

The seeds were put into a blender and covered with about 2 inches of water and half a cup of sugar.  The mix was blended for a few minutes and then poured through a sieve.  The deep red juice is ready to drink.

Divine.  My kitchen looks like there has been some sort of massacre though, red juice is everywhere.

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